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Where is the Australian Property Heading?

25 August, 2014


Have you ever come across someone that invested heavily in property 20, 30 or even 40 years ago? 


Most of the time these long term investors are now sitting on easy street. They always make you think about the price of property in 20, 30 or 40 years time from now. 


Where will prices be in 2024, 2034, 2044 or 2054? 


Here is a hint.

Stamp Duty Crusade

25 August 2014


We believe it is time for the NSW government to look at reducing the amount of stamp duty we pay when buying a property.


As you can see, the state government received $4.7 Billion in residential property stamp duty for the 2013/14 financial year. 


Our concern is not so much that the government is receiving more tax (after all, the Teachers, Nurses and Police need to be paid somehow), we are more concerned with the growing housing affordability issue. 

Property Values in 2016

25 August 2014


Every year we look forward to the release of the BIS Shrapnel "Australian Housing Outlook" report. This report has built up a solid reputation for predicting the future value of property. 


"QBE Lenders Mortgage Insurance" commissioned this report which lends a great deal of credibility to the analysis. QBE LMI are the second biggest mortgage insurer in Australia and they have a lot riding on the accuracy of the BIS Shrapnel analysis. 

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Upgrading your home in a rising market (the cost of delay)

25 August 2014


The humble "upgrader" is the biggest segment of the Australian property buying market. 


So much of our media attention is focused on first home buyers, investors, renovators and even downgraders. Little attention seems to be paid to those people that aspire to simply owning a better home. A better Australian dream. 


Anyone who is thinking of upgrading to a more expensive property should take a good look at the following comparison. A 10% market increase will cost you a large amount of money if you delay. 

Buy and Hold

25 August 2014


Investing in property is an increasing trend and it’s great to see. Major new research by Roy Morgan shows almost 1 million Australians (aged over 18) owned an investment property in 2010 compared to 1.31 million today – an increase of 37 per cent. In addition, latest data shows a record 40 per cent of new loans issued in the month of May were for investment purchases. Fantastic stuff.